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Ambaji Temple

Ambaji Temple is the Famous Temple of Gujarat visited by millions of Divoties.

Distance From Bhavani Villa: 2o kms

Horse Riding

People keen on riding may enjoy riding the beautiful Marwari Horses at the Stud farm .

Visit to Rabari Village


Kumbharia Jain Temple


Kumbharia 11th century Jain Temple a wonderful architecture with beautiful carvings in marble, is just a KM away from Ambaji..

Distance From Bhavani Villa Danta: 21 kms

Visit to Farm

Guests may come and enjoy the farm experience of seeing the indigenous style of farming & dairy.

Taranga Hill Jain Temple


Taranga 12th Century Jain Temple built in red sand stone. 

Distance From Bhavani Villa : 35 kms

Rani ki Vav (Queen's Stepwell)


Rani kivav is an intricately constructed stepwell situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat, India. It was included in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site on 22 June 2014.Raniki Vav, “the Queen’s stepwell”, at Patan, the medieval capital of Gujarat, was built in the last decades of the eleventh century by Queen Udayamati as a memorial to her husband Bhimadeva-1 of the Caulukya dynasty. Measuring more than sixty-five meters in length, it is among the largest in Gujarat, and in terms of its sculptures which number about five hundred, surpasses all other examples.

Distance From Bhavani Villa: 90 kms

Vadnagar Kirti Toran


Distance From Bhavani Villa: 55 kms

Vadnagar Shiv Temple


Distance From Bhavani Villa: 58 kms

Sun Temple Modhera

Distance From Bhavani Villa: 116 kms

Travel Guide


>Ahmedabab Railway Station is around 160 kms from Bhavani Villa danta.
>Abu Road Railway Station is around 43 kms from from Bhavani Villa danta.

>and Palanpur Railway Station is approx 41 kms from from Bhavani Villa danta.

Railway Inquiry No: 139


Ahmedabab Central Bus stand is around 155 kms from Bhavani Villa danta.Abu Road  is around 40 kms and Palanpur Bus Stand is approx 41 kms from from Bhavani Villa danta.


Sardar Vallabhai International Airport in Ahmedabad is the nearest airport from Bhavani Villa Danta.The distance covered is 150 kms. Ahmedabad is connected by air to Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and other major Cities of India. Tourists can hire local taxis from here to reach their respective destinations.